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Urban focus (part 1)

TRPS are measured through “people-meters” installed in TV sets at homes by the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) Media Research, the only company whose rating of viewership of TV programmes is accepted by the broadcasting and advertising industry. These meters record the tv programmes watched in these homes and the duration for which these are watched. The rem ntf»s used in these homes are also provided with a button each for all members of the family. The pressing of these buttons helps record the members of the family watching the programmes.
TAM claims to have installed peo-plemeters in 7,200 homes across 148 cities in India. “Forty per cent of the meters are in Delhi and Mumbai and 60 per cent in rest of the country. Choices of people in states like Orissa and Bihar, where very few peoplemeters are installed, do not get priority, though their popularity may be high,” says Ashutosh, managing editor, IBN 7.
Another criticism against tam’s ratings is that they do not cover rural audiences. “Currently, tam meters are distributed only in urban areas. At a time when television penetration in rural areas is increasing, rating the viewership among only urban populace does not make sense,” says Ashutosh. 
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Update : 14-04-2017


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