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Urban focus (part 2)

Doordarshan is also not happy with the rating system. “We were part of the joint industry body that was set up TAM in 1998 to monitor TV viewership and had been mentioned in the agreement that when TAM would expand its sample size, the rursl population would be considered. However, in 2007, when they expanded their sample size from 4,000 to 7,200 neither did they consult us nor expanded to rural areas,” says a Doordarshan official.
Channels like Discovery, which are categorized in the upper tier by TAM, though, are happy because their viewer-ship is concentrated in urban areas. “We use tam ratings to measure our viewer-ship and we feel they give a proper reflection of the popularity of the channel," says Rajiv Bakshi, associate director, Discovery channel.
But a Zee official claims that the skewed urban-rural representation is leading to lower than deserved flow of advertising funds to some channels. Doordarshan sources say the ratings of some of its most watched serials dropped from 10-11 to about 5 after tam increased its number of meters, affecting its revenue. They attribute the dip in ratings to an increased weightage given to metros in the distribution of tam meters.
Narayan Rao, CEO, NDTV, disagrees that trps affect channels' revenue. He says while Aaj Tak and Star News scored in terms of TRPS, NDTV was still No 2 in terms of revenue.
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Update : 14-04-2017


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